DeeCee, the 17 year old Lewisham born Donny and former member of grime crew The Square, is the first London MC in  history to sign to DEFDISCO. No pressure.

Born and bred South London Grime MC DeeCee has been creating his own music since the age of nine. His style of writing comes from his own life experiences and hearing peers at raves and in clubs, creating an authentic voice in the evergrowing Grime scene.

Already recognised as a talented MC with massive potential, DeeCee is currently working on new material to add to the crazy attention his first single received, the catchy ‘What You Know About’.

DeeCee is currently working on exciting collaborations with DEFDISCO’s Dallas producers and artists – so watch this space for as we take over the game.

DeeCee’s new single ‘Got That’ is featured on the new Apple Music Grime 2.0 playlist alongside artists Skepta and Stormzy. Available on iTunes and Spotify.

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