More than music

It takes more than musicians to make a movement. Would the Madchester scene have been the same without Central Station’s designs for The Happy Mondays? Or Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ smack you straight in the face without Kirk Weddle’s baby photo? Imagine Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band without Peter Blake. Mods without Fred Perry. Impossible isn’t it?

Every great scene has a visual and verbal language beyond the music. Design, music, word, dance and fashion are intertwined. You either get it or you don’t – that’s how you know you’re a fan. Part of my role as Creative Director at DEFDISCO has been to help us build a diverse community of artists around the label to support our mission of breaking exciting new music. Over the last couple of years I have had the great pleasure to meet an ever growing group of creative people whose talents take the music to another level.

Some stand-out moments spring to mind. Even though it didn’t quite deliver I really enjoyed the quiet confidence Oliver Brian Productions brought to Sticky Blood’s 2015 single ‘Balance’. The sophisticated photography of Oh Jee Nam for Kaela Sinclair has really helped her craft her unique style. And Jeremy Biggers has shot a stunning soon-to-be-seen video for 88 Killa’s new track ‘Boomerang’. 

Now there’s a new name to add to the list. YUNGGBAEE.

YUNGGBAEE is the pseudonym of Manorath Naphaphone….Manorath means “King of Hearts” in Laotian… who was born and raised in Texas and now travels between Texas, California and Indonesia shooting photography to clear his mind, have fun and feel young again.

I was viewing some images of the recent hip-hop event SXSW TAKEOVER and his shot of Blue, The Misfit in full flow just leapt out. Blue had jumped into the crowd and YUNGGBAEE captured the energy of the moment perfectly. Now I’ve seen many shots like this before, but there is an authenticity to this image, an excitement to the crowd, that just made it work.

YUNGGBAEE is now a DEFDISCO creative. His live shot of 88 Killa graces our homepage. He’s in. And you can be too. If you’re a designer, writer, video maker, dancer or blogger and you like what we’re doing here, or you’re a fan of an artist on the label, get in touch and show us your stuff. Who knows what will happen next.






Justin Williams
Justin Williams
Justin is the Creative Director of DEFDISCO.