Barry Gilbey Stands for Election to the BPI Council

The Music Industry is in chaos.

Far beyond the squabbling between the rights and wrongs of the streaming model or the download model or indeed physical product, there is a complete point of chaos within the industry of how in 2016, record labels are actually still relevant to an artist’s career.

As download sales plummeted the labels leapt aboard the sync model only to find that far from the glorious stories of untold riches for artists and labels from syncs, actually in the main, it was a brutal and extremely competitive world.

The agenda of technology companies has been to push down the perceived value of music to that simply of content, this has not been the case in either the film or games industry, yet it’s been allowed to happen in the music industry. I personally feel that the key turning point for the industry will be when instead of allowing the agenda to be constantly set for the labels by technology companies, labels set the agenda through innovation and a complete revision of how they view their relationship with technology companies.

As labels we should be looking at all opportunities for our artists through brand partnerships and innovative technologies and not simply looking to meekly accept our pittance of scraps off the technology table.

I’m standing for election to the BPI council because I strongly believe we have to completely rethink how we view our relationship with technology companies and open our eyes to the huge opportunities that exist. I also believe it’s unfair that the BPI is set up to represent the whole of the UK yet doesn’t have a single council member based outside of London and the South East. The rest of the UK contributes a huge amount to the musical output of the UK yet it isn’t represented on the council, I want to give a voice to those members.

BPI AGM September 7th


Barry Gilbey
Barry Gilbey
Barry originally ran the legendary Choo Choo Records and was the producer behind artists such as Mara & Pappa & Gilbey, as well as being an acclaimed DJ. After closing the doors of Choo Choo he has focused on composing for film and TV specialising in work for trailers. He has worked on projects for Fox Sports NFL Coverage, Universal, Gap, Unilever and won multiple awards including an US ADDY for last years St Lucia PSA.