Barry Gilbey – Why stand for election to the BPI?

Why are you standing for election to the BPI council?

I’m standing for election to the BPI council as I feel my knowledge and experience would be beneficial to BPI members and also because my company DEFDISCO is based in Sheffield,Yorkshire and Dallas,Texas I can give a voice to the members who aren’t based in London and the South East. The rest of the UK contributes a huge amount to the musical output of the UK yet isn’t represented on the council . I also believe at this time its crucial that the BPI helps its members demonstrate the importance and relevance of record labels to its artists and I feel my experience will help guide this process.

What experience do you have that will benefit the membership of the BPI?

I’ve been a recording artist, international DJ and run record labels for the past 20 years and in that time been at sharp end of the evolving business model from vinyl through to the current streaming model. I believe that my experience will enable me help shape the way in which the BPI can benefit its members.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the role to aid the voice of Indie labels in the BPI?

I feel that my experience running my company DEFDISCO will enable me to give the indie labels a greater voice within the BPI. At DEFDISCO we look at all possible opportunities for our artists, not just the sales versus streaming argument but focusing on enabling smaller labels get better access to income streams from sync and from brand partnerships and far beyond that. Essentially dispelling the myth that the record label is dead and looking beyond the current business model and looking for all possible revenue sources making the case that in 2016 the record label is more important than ever for artists.

I strongly believe that the BPI could and should be more technologically pro-active in how it benefits members and protects their interests. We should be setting the agenda for how technology and music come together not giving technology companies the opportunity to dictate whats best for them.

Those companies based outside of London will know that the rest of the UK contributes massively to the musical output of the UK and yet isn’t represented on the council. If I was to be elected I would fight for the interests of the members from all regions of the UK but in particular to give those members based outside of London and the South East, a real voice on the council and to aid them in demonstrating that the record label is more relevant than ever in an artists career.

Barry Gilbey Stands for Election to the BPI Council



Georgia Murray
Georgia Murray
Georgia is a marketing assistant at DEFDISCO. She's also rock and roll.