ADA Warner sign DEFDISCO

We are delighted to announce that DEFDISCO is now part of the ADA Warner’s global roster of independent labels.

This partnership adds huge weight to DEFDISCO’s vision of bringing music and brands together. With dedicated offices on both sides of the Atlantic, there are exciting times ahead for our international music agency and record label to maximise opportunities for our artists and the brands and ad agencies they work with.

Paul Herron, co-founder and Director of Brand Partnerships at DEFDISCO said, “For us this relationship really is proof of concept. We set out to build a record label for how things work today: music, sync and brand. Our mission was always to be seen as a ‘mini-major’ – and now that we’re working with the Warners Music Group, we truly are.

As the music industry becomes increasingly multi-faceted and focuses on collaborations and social platforms for promotional activity, we are now in a prime position to utilise our network and skill-set to help push boundaries. Combining DEFDISCO’s artists, music, ideas and capabilities to engage with millions of avid music fans with ADA Warner’s innovative mindset will no doubt lead to an exhilarating future together.

Joining forces gives our artists, and the brand partners we work with, worldwide exposure faster and better than we could ever do through our previous channels.”

DEFDISCO’s first releases through ADA Warner are scheduled for March, so watch this space, and roll on 2017!


Paul Herron
Paul Herron
Paul is a branding specialist with 20+ years experience. As Director of Brand Partnerships for DEFDISCO he is focussed on bringing music and brands together to create new opportunities outside of the traditional.