Teenage Grime artist DeeCee signs deal

At the age of seventeen, DeeCee is already well known and respected as an MC in the UK Grime scene after multiple radio appearances and gigs, so I’m delighted to announce signing him to the DEFDISCO family.

Hailing from South London, DeeCee is the first Grime artist to sign to a US independent label. And for me, this is just as important to the scene as it is to DeeCee – as it proves that grime is truly breaking new ground outside of the UK now. “I didn’t even know that people in America were looking at the YouTube video until I heard from Paul, which was a surprise to say the least!” DeeCee says.

DeeCee has been a lifelong fan of the style and created his own music at the age of nine, he became serious about the industry five years later and was taken under the wing of Grime MC ‘Novelist’, performing at gigs and shows across the capital.

“I’ve been serious about my music since the age of 14, so the fact that people are listening to my music, especially in the USA and that they want to invest in me is obviously great. My music is for everybody that likes good music,” he says.

His first record deal came about after I discovered him on YouTube and reached out to him. After speaking with him I realised there was a passion for what he did, a professional attitude and a genuine will to make a career for himself in the music business. My next step was to organise a demo session for him in Sheffield with top producers, Sticky Blood. He impressed them with his natural ability and professional attitude and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Grime has grown just like Hip Hop did and is spreading and becoming relevant outside London, I’m hoping that through DEFDISCO there are exciting collaborations with Dallas producers and artists in the future too,” he says.

DeeCee has already gained serious interest from the brands and agency networks I work with in both the US and Europe.

DeeCee’s first release on DEFDISCO is produced by Sticky Blood and is due out in February 2017.


Paul Herron
Paul Herron
Paul is a branding specialist with 20+ years experience. As Director of Brand Partnerships for DEFDISCO he is focussed on bringing music and brands together to create new opportunities outside of the traditional.